MBBS in New Zealand

MBBS in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful, peaceful and ideal places to study MBBS. The education system comes with very strong research curriculum, which serves a major advantage for aspiring medical students. MBBS is a six years course in New Zealand, offered by two universities, which is listed in top universities in the world. Let’s see in detail about studying medicine, MBBS in New Zealand.

Why MBBS in New Zealand

New Zealand, a beautiful island is known for fascinating environment, landscape, cultural heritage, bio-diversity, and cricket! Apart from these, over a few years, New Zealand has also risen as a strong country with premium quality of education. Similar to UK, US, Canada and Australia, New Zealand has become one of the study abroad destinations preferred by international students. Being a country with rich biodiversity many students prefer to study higher education in New Zealand which offer versatile fields of study. Eventually, students who prefer to study medical programs abroad also count on New Zealand. Broadly, education institutes in New Zealand can be classified into five types. Universities of New Zealand, MBBS university in New Zealand comes under this category College of education Polytechnic colleges Specialist colleges for special degrees Training institutes for vocational education Except the fifth category of institute, the first four categories of institutes are owned and regulated by New Zealand Government. MBBS universities and colleges in New Zealand are fully regulated by the Government. Besides these colleges are registered under the clause called New Zealand Qualification Authority which ensures following the high quality of education, structure, and other terms and conditions. Quality of teaching is beyond excellence. Students gain immense benefits from smart class room training, individual attention and hands on practical working experience. All institutes and medical colleges are internationally recognized and students with the degree are hired by global employers. New Zealand is a happy and young country with abundant resources. Students can get a supportive learning atmosphere and get a great career.

MBBS University in New Zealand

The main medical program, MBBS in New Zealand is offered by two universities. It is Otago Univesrity and Aukland University. The course offered is Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Qualification, which is also termed MBChB. International applicants, inclusive of Indian students must meet the relevant qualifications to apply for the course.

Entry Requirements to study MBBS

First year is a premedical preparation program designed for the local students, which also calls the international students to hold similar qualification. Bachelor degree in science field like health science, bioscience etc is mandatory. UMAT qualification is mandatory before applying to MBBS. – Health Sciences Admission Test. Students should apply for this test before end of June every year. The actual test is conducted during the month of July. Another mandatory requirement to get eligibility for studying medicine is English proficiency. IELTS or TOEFL score should be a minimum of 7.0 However, if you have completed any undergraduate or masters degree in New Zealand, you don’t need to provide IELTS qualification.

University of Auckland

MBChB is a six year medicine program offered by University of Auckland, New Zealand. After completion of one year premedical course, the course is classified into two categories. Preclinical theory course for 2 years Three clinical years along with clinical attachments The university covers most of the clinical segments like, general medicine, emergency medicine, general surgery, psychiatry, general practice etc. The students also get an opportunity to do a four week selective course on any specific subject offered in the fifth year and one more eight week elective in the sixth year of study.

MBBS in New Zealand Cost

Cost of studying in Auckland comes at an average of $300 to $500 per week inclusive of food and accommodation. Cost of premedical close comes to NZ$32,000 and cost of MBChB comes to NZ$73,000, per year. University of Auckland provides free accommodation and financial support to all students.

University of Otago

University of Otago has the world’s renowned medical college, Otago Medical School with internationally ranked and recognized. MBBS is designed in the same way, offered by University of Aukland. MBChB is a six year medicine program where high school students should complete one year premedical course. Preclinical theory course for 2 years, at Dunedin school of medicine Dunedin, New Zealand Three clinical years along with clinical attachments After completion of the two year classes, the last three year course is divided evenly into three parts. The students study the clinical years in Dunedin, Christchurch or Wellington. The university offers clinical attachments to these three locations. The major specialties of the course include general medicine, psychological medicine, general practice, public health, pediatrics etc. During sixth year of study, students get an option to take an elective subject, which comes as 12 week study.

MBBS in New Zealand Cost

Cost of studying in Otago comes at an average of NZ$70,000 to NZ$80,000 per year inclusive of food and accommodation. Cost of premedical close comes to NZ$31,000 and cost of MBChB comes to NZ$70,000, per year for second and third year and NZ$70,000, per year for last three years. Living cost in Dunedin approximate arrives at NZ$275 per week and on an average basis, overall living cost per year comes to NZ$16000 per year for comfortable living inclusive of all. There is no surprise that Indian students and students from other countries opt New Zealand to study MBBS. The degree is approved internationally with a global reputation for the students who studied in New Zealand universities. In addition to the high quality education, New Zealand equally provides great career opportunities and bright job prospects.