Medicine in the US

MBBS in USA- A few things need a lot of passion, efforts dedication, and hard work. Education and refusing to study the specific course that fulfills your dreams is one of them. Many aspiring students who wish to pursue a career in the medical field are quite passionate and dedicated towards hard work that can you are wearing degree and a prospective career in the world of medicine. If there is more challenging in studying medicine, the source of destination! Many enthusiastic medical aspirants prefer to study MBBS in USA, which is quite challenging as well. International students would love to give a helping hand to the world and who face challenging experiences would love to explore their career by studying medicine in the US. It is quite a long and hard journey totally rewarding. Let’s explore more about studying medicine in the United States.

Application Process to Study MBBS in US

Graduation – Prerequisite or Basic Eligibility

The prerequisite to apply for medicine in the US is different from other international destinations. Before any international student applies to medical school in the US we must ensure that they have completed graduation. It is not possible for medical aspirant was just completed the higher secondary school to apply for MBBS in the US. The minimum entry requirement or the basic eligibility criteria to apply for MBBS is graduation. This is the most common prerequisites for the medical schools in the US which may vary with some medical universities of schools. Also, the students must have studied science courses in their graduation stream. Top medical schools in USA graduation with science as a major subject. However, there are a few medical schools that don’t mandate International students that doesn’t mandate a graduation degree in science

MCAT – Medical College Admission Test

The applicant must also become qualified in the MCAT. The Medical College Admission Test determines the ability of the applicants with respect to critical thinking, problem-solving ability, written communication, and evaluation of the scientific knowledge and assessing the overall knowledge. A good score in MCAT test secures a seat to study MBBS in US. So, if you have graduation and qualifying MCAT score, the next step is sending the application to the Medical School you wish to study in the US. Many instances international students are considered a disadvantage to the local students, which are the natural phenomena. Admission of candidates to study medicine in any of the medical school in US is a very strict process for both local students and international students. If you gain high MCAT score or qualifying score, start your hunt to create the list of medical schools in the US. Make sure you investigate and gain a clear understanding of all medical schools in the US you wish to apply to study MBBS in USA. Some medical schools in US do not enroll international students. Also, the selection process slightly differs from a few medical schools. For instance, if you have a graduation in the arts field, there are several medical schools that can enroll you. Internet is the best place to search, gather information, filter and shortlist the medical schools with utmost comfort. Go to the official websites of each medical school to get the authentic information.

MBBS in USA Application Form – AMCAS

Once you have shortlisted the medical schools in US, the next step is sending the application form. Most of the medical schools that enroll international students allow you to apply through AMCAS and AACOMAS AMCAS – American Medical College Application Service AACOMAS – American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Application Service You can save a lot of time applying through AMCAS. The major benefit of applying through these websites – these sites allows you to upload the recommendation letter through a third party link interfolio.com, where your application will be sent along with the letter of recommendations.

AMCAS and AACOMAS – Online Application for Medical Study in the US

AMCAS – American Medical College Application Service

Students must thank AMCAS for ruling out the difficulties in applying to the medical study in the US. International students, who wish to do MD in the US medical schools, can send their application to multiple schools in the US. All you have to do is filling the application form without any errors. AMCAS will send your application to the selected medical schools. Isn’t it easy? AMCAS is run by the Association of the American Medical Colleges to meet the standards laid by the US medical education for selecting the right candidate. Students must ensure that they understand the service offered by AMCAS.

Application Process in AMCAS to Study MBBS in US

Certify yourself that you read the instructions provided by AMCAS. Read the instructions fully and understand the terms which ease filling application. Create a user account with AMCAS. General Identification Information – Name, age, sex, ID numbers, and alternate ID numbers with which AMCAS members can match you all the transcripts. The alternate ID is nothing but alphanumeric code. Next, enter the information about your schools and colleges you studied. It must be complete with a list of all educational institutions you attended. Biographical Information – Location, address, contact information, languages you know, citizenship status, etc. Next step – Grades you earned during your academic curriculum from high school to graduation. All information you provide will be cross verified by AMCAS officials. In the next step record your work experiences that are relevant to the medical field. You can write about the letter of recommendations in the next step, which AMCAS mail to the selected medical schools along with the application. Select the medical schools you want to apply. Before doing this, you should do some homework about the international policies on admission. You need to write essays based on the course type you select and the college you select. The last step, enroll your MCAT scores, and other tests like GMAT, GRE, etc. Your application shall be verified by the officials. You can log in and check the status anytime.

AACOMAS – American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Application Service

AACOMAS is an extended application form or version designed for the students who wish to apply to the Osteopathic medical schools along with the same application. You have to send the letter or recommendations on your own. Other than this aspect, everything else is taken care by AACOMAS. This service is created by the non-profit organization, American Association of Colleges of Osteopaths.

Application Process in AACOMAS

Biographical information – Address, contact information, citizenship, etc Information about the family – general questions related to family members Personal information – Personal questions, and demographic information Personal statement – a convincing letter of why you would want to study Work experience Other activities – Volunteering, service, extracurricular activities that are relevant to the medical field. Additional academic credentials MCAT Information The Federal government has to ensure that they have enough doctors for the respective localities which post a huge disadvantage to the international students. The choice of securing admission in the public Medical School in US very thin. However, international students can always apply to study in private medical colleges which is literally expensive on the other hand. So when a student chooses a specific Medical School it is essential to weigh the pros and cons in a birds’ view.

What an international student can expect from medical schools in the US?

MBBS in USA duration– Duration of the medical study in the US takes about 4 years for completion. It is followed by a residential program which runs from 3 to 7 years. The students undergo highly supervised training with the choice of the field they choose. International Students also get an option to extend their residential program from 1 to 4 years according to the preference to gain more knowledge and training. During this phase 1 and also do a fellowship program and also sub specializes in any of the preferred fields of study. Needless to say, international students receive intense education that is packed with a range of activities. Students have to memorize a lot of things with respect to a different subject from Histology biochemistry to anatomy during the first year of study. The classes of generally a combination of Classroom lectures combined with lab-based practical teaching. They gain both academic knowledge as well as the first-hand training with the human body. The teaching module extensive that ensures all students is equipped with great understanding and practical knowledge. For instance, a one-hour lab lecture is followed by several hours of hands-on training in an anatomic session. Throughout education, the students undergo multiple clinical rotations to gain knowledge in different specializations. Apart from this students also gain an inside about how to interact with the patients which is quite important for a rewarding career in the medicine.

USMLE – United States Medical Licensing Examination

There is another major requirement to complete the medical studies in US. Before you, on the medical degree, you will have to qualify in the USMLE test. The test is conducted in three phases at different intervals during your academics throughout the course period. the first part of the test generally conducted during the second year of your medical graduation the second part of the test conducted during the fourth year of your medical graduation the third and final part of the test is conducted during the first year of your residential program The USMLE test ensures that you have sufficient qualification to meet the standards derived by the US educational system to become a doctor.

Cost of Medical School – How much it cost to Study medicine in the US (MBBS in USA)

International students do not get any financial aid from medical schools in the US. The admission process also includes a prerequisite where you must show your financial support or evidence that you have enough money to fund your education and expenses. This means that you should have allocated funds for your study with solid proof which range from $50000 to $200000 even before you get admission. Most of the international students are admitted in the private medical schools in the US, which literally increases the overall cost of MBBS study in US. If you can afford the tuition fee along with other expenses, you are in the right phase. After all, with a medical degree from the United States, you can practice your profession in any part of the world.

Study MBBS in USA with Scholarship

Special scholarship programs are provided to all international students. Students with a high score in USMLE course can easily avail scholarships to support their finance. Every year, 1000 students from foreign countries are provided with scholarships. The total amount allocated to scholarship is 2 million US dollars.

Careers in Medicine after MBBS in USA

Benefits of studying MBBS in USA for Indian Students

You can find a number of careers in the medical field for a qualified doctor in the industry. A professional doctor makes a lot of money, more than any other profession. Similarly, when you qualify from US, with the globally accepted degree and recognition, it provides you a well-rewarding and reputable career throughout your life. A doctor or a medical professional is a common term that covers a myriad of medical careers. Based on your interest, capability, the field of study, etc you can choose your career. Family physicians – A general physician treats people of all ages, practice individually Hospitalist – A hospitalist is a doctor who is employed in a hospital Surgeon – the highest paying career in the medical industry Dermatologist – the most sought after field of study, specializing in Skin. Anesthesiologist – highly responsible physician and highly in demand

Who makes the right candidate for the medical degree in US

There are many passionate international students the way to first you everything career with the promising medical degree from reputed Medical School in US. However, the duration of the course followed by the residential programs, the difficulty level of tests, of education and over the challenge in completing the study in the US makes it difficult. On a simple note studying medicine in USA is not everyone’s cup of tea. International students with real passion and who loves to face all the challenges without any fear along with financially strong background make the right candidate. Financial status is very important because a lot of international students fees at toll during the first 4 years.