MBBS in Uzbekistan

MBBS in Uzbekistan

Every year students give preference to the foreign countries medical universities for MBBS in Uzbekistan. There are various reasons for which students given general prefer studying abroad is a better choice as well as a decision. They see high quality of education, learning diagnostics, treating regional pathology, and other factors such as religious freedom, law defense, favorable climate which entice Indian students to study abroad. Uzbekistan shares its borders with Kazakhstan to the West and to the north Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan to the East and Afghanistan and Turkmenistan to the south. Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan. Uzbek is their official language. Uzbekistan’s economy mainly depends on the commodity production which includes cotton, gold, uranium and natural gas. The constitution of Uzbekistan is placed in Central Asia and it is landlocked twice by all the other sides of the countries. By the geographical area, it is the 56th largest country and 42nd largest country by population. Citizens are inspirited to work and are encouraged to seek education in order to provide benefits to the society and also to contribute benefits to the economic factors and the industries as well.

Imperative facts about Uzbekistan before you go for the MBBS admission in Uzbekistan:-

29,559,100 is the total number of population.
It was an erstwhile part of the Soviet Union.
It is mostly known for its mining of gold.
Som is its currency.
It is composed of 447,400 square km of space.
The Government is a Presidential republic.
Climate in Uzbekistan’s is considered universal with extreme hot summers and very cold winters. Yearly rainfall measures between 100-200 millimeters of rainfall. Summer temperatures can rise to 40 degree Celsius. Maximum rainfall comes in winters and spring. It is hot and dry between July and September with very less rainfall, making the climate dry and this results a stop in the growth of crops and vegetation during that season. The predominant religion in Uzbekistan is central Asia is Muslim with 90% reporting this as their religious preference. Nearly 5% practice Russian Orthodox Christianity and another 5 % practice some different forms of religion. Som is their currency.. But most of the people there use US dollar for their sake.

Why study MBBS in Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan can fit this bill for anyone wanting a challenging and unique environment to study. Some right opportunities are available for the candidates to explore their higher education. Colleges and the society are safe due to a police state which the country is now in. Transportation and communications are some of the major and modern conveniences you will come across in Uzbekistan. Citizens prefer to take the underground trains there but many prefer to hail a car anytime for a ride. Health insurance can be easily taken from any travel insurance from any regular health insurance company before leaving for Uzbekistan. There are several students there who enjoy the difference in culture and history you can find there. All the universities in Uzbekistan our state funded. Between the years of 1992 and 2004, government spending on education went from 12 to 6.3 percent. Education is not highly valued in many parts of Uzbekistan. Programs of study tend to be centered around the economy or disciplines which involve training in industry or commerce rather than any areas focusing on self-actualization such as the arts or culture. The focus on education is generally on what will help the society, rather than the individual. But the government encourages furthering of education to work on improving oneself for the greater good.